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The structure of the systems has been designed in such a way that data protection is an integral part of the software. This is complemented with a very powerful rights system so that the use of the Infostars GPS system in a company can be set up in compliance with the law.

Court rulings and GPS systems

The Infostars GPS system has been certified by the Austrian Federal Administrative Court as permissible in principle for the use of a GPS system. There are several factors that were examined by the Federal Administrative Court. The Infostars system was found to be good because of the well thought-out data protection concept and the possibility to adapt the software to the individual needs or requirements of the customer.

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Human Dignity and GPS Systems

Infostars has designed the data protection in the private business logbook in a very balanced way. This means that the human dignity of the driver is not affected despite the use of a GPS tracking device. Thus, the use of a GPS tracking device is generally permissible without the consent of an employee or works council.

Am I allowed to use a GPS tracking device?

As the owner of a vehicle with which you always drive yourself, this is permitted without restriction. As a business owner, you may only install GPS devices in vehicles in your fleet if this does not violate the human dignity of an employee and the use complies with the GDPR.

What is the difference between a pure mobile phone app and a GPS device-based solution?

If you read through the Austrian existing court rulings on the admissibility of GPS tracking devices and video surveillance, you can see that a very strict standard is applied.

The courts always weigh the interests of the parties involved. In the case of a GPS tracking device-based logbook, the invalidating argument is that only the “vehicle” is tracked. When the vehicle is parked, there is no information about what the driver is doing. He could be sitting in the vehicle, or going for a walk, or going to the toilet, or doing the activity he was supposed to be doing. As a rule, it is not even possible to determine whether a particular person was really in the vehicle or someone else was driving. In other words, the control stops in any case when the vehicle is parked.

This limits the control density to a certain level.

In contrast, the problem with a purely mobile phone app-based solution is that the app also collects data after the person has left the vehicle. If this can create a movement profile of the person, then the control density is significantly increased.

If the driver forgets to log out or switch off the app, private personal movement data is also documented.

Purely mobile phone app-based solutions will certainly have to be examined with a stricter standard and thus more easily reach a level whereby their use is to be considered inadmissible. This is also due to the fact that there are easier options – namely only a GPS device-based system.

Is the data protected during private journeys?

With our 100% special privacy protection option, the data of private journeys is protected and correctly displayed. The company only sees the total private kilometres driven. With the 100% special privacy protection option, the driver can also subsequently declare a journey as business-related. In this case, the private protection remains 100%, as only the driver himself can do this.

During private journeys, the vehicle can be located by our alarm centre, which has been approved by the data protection commission. This means that the vehicle can be located in dangerous situations and the private journeys still remain protected.

→ Encrypted software access

→ Data protection as a core feature

→  Multiple safeguards

→ Data storage individually according to specifications

GDPR compliant

Software functions and authorisations

Special attention was paid during the development of the software to ensure that all legal areas and software parts are coordinated with each other. At the same time, the software can be individually adapted to the respective company because the authorisation system is multi-layered. This authorisation system differentiates between modules, functions, vehicles, drivers, private and business trips. Thus, the private business logbook must implement tax law, but also take data protection and privacy into account. Journeys must not contain elements that violate human dignity and live tracking during private journeys must be prevented.

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Legal notice – Disclaimer:

The statements on data protection, GDPR and law refer to the Austrian and German legal situation. Infostars assumes no liability for the content. These explanations are only to be understood as information and orientation, only a lawyer can provide well-founded legal statements!