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Infostars GPS systems are available in different languages and time zones. Our software has a multi-level authorisation system. This makes it easy to map a large, diversified organisational structure. 

The language is automatically selected by the language usually used by the user. The authorisation assignment is flexible. Authorisation can be controlled by modules, parts of modules, branches, the type of fleet, down to the individual vehicle. This makes smooth management of the fleet across national borders a breeze.

Your advantages:


→ Alarm system

Working time control

Simple daily report check

Automatic logbook

Automatic driver recognition

Activity documentation


Intuitive, modern, web-based software

Different GPS hardware models can be mixed as desired

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Telephone hotline for Germany: +49 8654 608 800 (Mon-Fri 9.00 -17.00h)

Telephone hotline for Italy: +39 02 6773 9175 (Mon-Fri 9.00 -17.00h)

Telephone hotline for Spain: +34 917373420 (Mon-Fri 9.00 -18.00h)

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Our product

The best package from Infostars

GPS-Tracking Premium

Live tracking and tracing, logbook, maintenance module, alert module incl. SIM card and data transfer costs in Zone1.

Live tracking with address

4-level logbook

Automatic alarms

Maintenance module

PDF and CSV export