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The private business logbook


Let our software write the private business logbook automatically. This gives you and your employees more time to take care of the actual work.

For over 10 years

Our private business logbook software has been successful on the market for over 10 years. Many customers appreciate the simplicity and speed of the private business logbook. It differs in essential points from our GPS logbook.

The private business logbook was developed with a special data protection mechanism. It is used in German-speaking countries to document the division between private and business mileage for the tax authorities.

What makes the Infostars private business logbook so successful?

The Infostars private business logbook records almost everything fully automatically, it is easy to operate and simple to use on a mobile phone or PC.

With us, the journeys are recorded automatically, we suggest the purpose and store the data securely – for up to 7 years.

Co-developed by lawyers

Our major customers appreciate the sound legal know-how, as our legally trained managing director has a high legal sensitivity. Data protection was considered as a core feature in the architecture of the software from the very beginning.

External labour law experts as well as data protection experts have tested our system several times and praised the excellent architecture.

Not without reason, the Infostars GPS system has been certified admissible in principle by the Federal Administrative Court in Austria, which resulted in a customer winning against the data protection authority.

Simple guidance through special features

Over the years, various features have been developed, all of which simplify private business logbook keeping. For example, purposes are automatically suggested and direct journeys from home to work are automatically recognised as private journeys.

Simple app control

App control makes it particularly easy to use on a mobile phone. Within seconds, the driver’s logbook can be viewed and a day completed.

Automatic driver recognition

If there are frequent changes of driver, it is easiest if the system recognises the driver automatically. Readers recognise all common keys or ID cards. In addition to the classic vehicle report, there is also the driver report, which simplifies payroll accounting.

Tax law and data protection

As a core feature, the legal requirements were included in the development from the very beginning. As a result, the private business logbook can be individually adapted to the respective area of application or needs in a legally compliant manner and for all legally relevant areas.

Works agreement (Betriebsvereinbarung)

Due to the special design of the software and its structure, a company agreement is not absolutely necessary. Our consulting team will be happy to advise you on the details.

LStR 266 (AT) and BFH, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13
(DE) compliant

The provisions of LStR 266 (AT) and BFH, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13.
(DE) make keeping a driver’s log unnecessarily complex. Business journeys must be reduced by private kilometres not driven – i.e. fictitious private kilometres – in certain situations.
The Infostars logbook can do this automatically and makes keeping the logbook quick and easy.

In Germany, R 8.1 of §8 EStG states succinctly that trips home must be marked with a note. This was clarified by the BFH ruling, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13. The German tax authorities require special treatment of indirect journeys home.

Direct journeys home from the first place of work to the place of residence are a private journey in Germany and Austria and must be treated with a special data protection

What should I bear in mind when using the German version in Austria?

If the Germany version shows the journey home as the third type of journey (beside private and business), this is usually not relevant for the Austrian tax authorities. Home journeys are then allocated to the private journey block.

However, from a data protection point of view, the use of such a version in Austria and Germany is very problematic. If the journey home would be counted as a purely private journey, then this private journey must be protected in order not to violate the human dignity of the driver. If this is not done, then as a rule a data protection violation must be assumed – in both countries. In this regard, the OGH clearly affirmed claims for damages by the employee in the ruling 9 ObA 120/19s. We would expect the same in Germany.

Standard versions and individualised

Standardised software modules are available, which are very well suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. The software can always be customised to the needs or requirements of the respective client.

Your fully automated advantages

GPS tracking device automatically records and stores all necessary data: the date, the point of departure and destination, the purpose of the journey and the kilometres travelled. If necessary, they can be manually post-processed and supplemented:

Optimal view, regardless of whether smartphone, tablet or PC

A GPS device generates the data automatically and sends it directly to the software

Self-learning logbook – the purpose is suggested

Automatic calculation of LStR 266 (AT)

Automatic calculation of the BFH, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13 (DE)

Four simple ways to switch between private/work

A PDF printout is available with a breakdown of business journeys and private km performance

 Evaluation by driver over all vehicles or vehicles over all drivers

100% private protection function

Dashboard KM via CANBUS or OBD2

Learn more about the differences to the GPS logbook.

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