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gps montage tracking

Our GPS system protects your vehicle against theft. You always know when and where your vehicles are and how long your teams were on site with the customer. This also gives you an overview of your drivers’ adherence to schedules.

Transparency of working hours incl. 100% private cover

In addition to the transparency of working hours, it is particularly important to have transparency about the use of vehicles in private time. With our system you always know where your vehicles are or have been. This means that any misuse (e.g. outside working hours) can be traced at any time. Furthermore, we offer 100% private protection so that these measures are also legally correct.

Automatic logbook

With the automatic driver’s logbook, you save on tedious paperwork and have more time for your customers thanks to a better coordinated fleet.

GPS tracking without employee consent

We have developed a special system that basically allows the use of GPS tracking devices even without the consent of the employee or works council. This statement only refers to a specific product – the Infostars tax office driver’s logbook. Our sales department will be happy to advise you on the details.

Your advantages:


→ Theft protection

→ Weekly report control in a few seconds

Private abuse control

Automatic logbook

Activity documentation

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Our product

For large companies

Private/business Logbook Premium

Automatic proposal of the purpose of a journey, 100% private protection and automatic LStR266 (AT) , BFH, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13 (DE) Function incl. SIM card and data transfer costs in Zone1.

Automatic proposal of the purpose

Switch private / business

Automatic LStR266 function (AT)

Automatic BFH, 19.05.2015 – VIII R 12/13 function (DE)

Vehicle groups, driver groups

100% privacy protection option

SIM card incl. data transmission