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GPS livestock tracking

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GPS livestock tracking has become a very useful support for many farmers and hunters in their daily work. For years, they have been using Infostars GPS devices to automatically display their locations. In this way it is always clear where the animals are located.   

Advantage for humans and animals

The GPS devices, which last a whole season, weigh less than 75 grams. This makes the GPS transmitters suitable for all common farm animals and their young. Whether it is a sheep, goat, cow or horse, our economical solution is now used by many farmers.

Use our configurator in the webshop to put together the most suitable combination for you and convince yourself of our most economical offer.

Wild animals such as red deer, stag or chamois

Wild animals such as red deer, stags, ibexes or chamois are also increasingly being transmitted. Here, thanks to a battery performance of up to 5 years, long-term studies on the movement profiles can provide valuable information about the animals’ lifestyles.


Location determination via GPS

→ Simple access via computer or smartphone

→ Display of own location in the software

→ Notification via SMS or e-mail as soon as an animal leaves the pasture (geo fences)

Suitable for all animals – whether cow, bull, goat, sheep, chamois, wildebeest, giraffe, antelope, ibex or deer

Geofences save time-consuming tracking operations    

In the Infostars software, geofences can be set up free of charge so that the farmer is automatically notified by SMS or e-mail of the time, location and name of the animal as soon as it leaves its home pasture. This way, you no longer need to search for the animal, but know where it is and can bring it back immediately. This is an invaluable advantage especially where there are no pasture fences and herds can move freely.

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Our product

Powerful GPS livestock tracking package

GPS Livestock Tracking Advanced

Pay only as long as you use the system during a season. Incl. SIM card and data transfer costs in zone 1.

→ Live location view of all animals

→ Google Maps aerial view

→ Virtual pasture fences with alarm

→ Grazing history of the animals

Go as you pay

→ SIM card incl. data transfer

Change the tracking intervall out of the software